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    Marketing your home well is the only way to get it to sell, and sell at the price you deserve. Gone are the days of only advertising in the real estate classifieds with one inch of column space. The internet has changed the game. And, unless your home looks better than the competition, and you get your home in front of more potential buyers than the competition you’re going to lose out. It is our mission to make sure that does not happen. Here’s what our process looks like.

    Perform a Current Market Analysis to Properly Determine Pricing

    We want to know who your potential buyers are. If your home is worth $500,000, there is no reason to be showing it to people who are in the market for a $250,000 home. With a proper assessment, we can make sure to avoid lookiloos, and ensure you get the best price possible for your home.

    Provide Staging Ideas

    Don’t let anyone tell you that staging isn’t important. Thanks to the internet, it is more important than ever. If your lovely home looks dated, or if it is over-personalized, potential buyers won’t be able to visualize themselves in your house. It is important to set the stage with attractive furniture and accessories that present your home in the best light possible, and are neutral enough to enable people to envision what their furniture, accessories and family heirlooms will look like in your house.

    Hire a Professional Photographer to Present Your Home

    Snapshots aren’t going to cut it. Once again, we’ve got the internet to thank for this. Professional photographers will ensure that your home looks its best in online photos, flyers and more. If the photos don’t catch someone’s interest, they aren’t going to consider taking a look in person.

    We’ll market your home with:

    • Mail and Email: We’ll put our substantial connections to work for you through targeted email and direct mail campaigns.
    • Social Marketing: We’ll help you get people on social media platforms to share your home’s listing. Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing tools. And social media is the best way to generate positive word of mouth.
    • MLS: We’ll list your home with the MLS and make sure the listing is kept up to date.
    • Popular Sites Such As Zillow,, Trulia: Your home will be highlighted everywhere people are looking for homes. This is another reason that professional photos and staging are critical. You’re competing with a lot of listings and your home needs to look its best.
    • Print in Selected Magazines: We’ll use those high-quality photos to advertise your home in magazines read by your target audience.
    • Open Houses: We’ll market our open houses to make sure we get as many qualified buyers as possible through the door. And, we’ll staff your open house appropriately to make sure no one leaves without being properly greeted and having their questions answered.
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